How to use Weather Almanac

View of first visit to weather-almanac home page.

Our Home Page.

When you first visit our home page you will see something similar to this view. Your cities rows are empty. The settings for temp unit and speed are at the default values. The next section will describe how to proceed.

What the different elements are.

The Buttons.

Most of what is on the home page are buttons. What they do …

Froid Weather Button. Pressing this button at any time brings you back to this page.

The 2 Settings Buttons near the top changes the temperatures and wind speeds to the unit of your choice. You may change them as often as you wish,

The list of six cities is the center of the page are for your favorites. Once you have searched and added cities they appear here. Press the [Froid Weather] button to come back here and see the list. Lubbock is displayed in this example.

The Search Button is to add cities to your list of favorite cities. Pressing this button takes you to the search page. Note that Lubbock is currently shown in the list of cities. The user had gone to search and found Lubbock, which is automatically added to the list