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What to do in Resolute, NU

Why Visit Resolute, Nunavut CA

Resolute, Nunavut, Canada is known for its unique geographical location and its rich history. Located in the Arctic Archipelago, Resolute is one of the northernmost communities in Canada. The town is situated on Cornwallis Island, surrounded by stunning Arctic landscapes, including vast ice fields, frozen tundra, and breathtaking glaciers. Resolute is renowned for its extreme climate, with long, harsh winters and short, cool summers. The town experiences polar nights during the winter months, where the sun does not rise above the horizon for several weeks. This unique phenomenon attracts visitors who are fascinated by the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, which illuminate the dark skies with vibrant colors. The history of Resolute is deeply intertwined with Arctic exploration. The town was established in 1953 as a strategic outpost during the Cold War. It served as a base for various expeditions and research missions, including those led by renowned explorers such as Sir John Franklin and Roald Amundsen. Today, Resolute is home to the Polar Continental Shelf Program, which supports scientific research in the Arctic region. In addition to its historical significance, Resolute offers various outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can embark on thrilling dog sledding expeditions, explore the frozen landscapes on snowmobiles, or go ice fishing in the nearby Arctic Ocean. The town also serves as a gateway to the stunning Northwest Passage, attracting cruise ships and tourists eager to explore this remote and pristine region. Resolute, Nunavut, Canada, is a place of natural beauty, extreme weather conditions, and historical importance. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the Arctic wilderness, learn about polar exploration, and immerse oneself in the rich culture of the Inuit people who have inhabited the region for centuries.

List of places to visit in Resolute, NU

1. Arctic Wildlife Viewing: Resolute is surrounded by stunning Arctic landscapes and is home to various wildlife species. Visitors can go on guided tours or excursions to spot polar bears, Arctic foxes, seals, and migratory birds.
2. Dog Sledding: Dog sledding is a traditional mode of transportation in the Arctic, and Resolute offers opportunities to experience this unique activity. Visitors can go on dog sledding tours and learn about the history and culture associated with this traditional practice.
3. Cultural Experiences: Resolute is home to the Inuit people, and visitors can engage in cultural experiences to learn about their traditions, art, and way of life. This may include visiting local art galleries, participating in traditional activities, or attending cultural events.
4. Arctic Photography: The stunning Arctic landscapes and unique wildlife provide excellent opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Visitors can capture the beauty of the region, including icebergs, glaciers, and the Northern Lights.
5. Arctic Cruises: Resolute is a starting point for Arctic cruises that explore the surrounding waters and islands. These cruises offer a chance to see remote Arctic landscapes, wildlife, and historical sites.
6. Hiking and Trekking: Resolute is surrounded by vast Arctic tundra, providing opportunities for hiking and trekking. Visitors can explore the unique flora and fauna of the region while enjoying the serene and untouched landscapes.

It's important to note that Resolute is a remote and challenging destination, and many activities may require proper planning, local guides, and specialized equipment. It's advisable to consult with local tour operators or travel agencies for the best and safest experiences.

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