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What to do in Pierre, SD

Why Visit Pierre, South Dakota US

Pierre, South Dakota, is known for several notable aspects. Firstly, it serves as the state capital of South Dakota, making it a hub for political activities and government operations. The city houses the South Dakota State Capitol building, where legislative decisions are made and important state functions take place. Pierre is also renowned for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Situated along the Missouri River, the city offers breathtaking views and a variety of water-based activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. The surrounding area features numerous parks and trails, providing ample opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife observation. Furthermore, Pierre is home to the Oahe Dam and Lake Oahe, which are significant landmarks in the region. The Oahe Dam is one of the largest rolled-earth dams in the world and serves as a major source of hydroelectric power. Lake Oahe, created by the dam, is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and offers excellent fishing opportunities. In addition to its natural attractions, Pierre hosts several cultural and historical sites. The South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center showcases the state's history and heritage through exhibits and artifacts. The South Dakota Discovery Center and Aquarium provides educational experiences for visitors, focusing on science, nature, and the environment. Lastly, Pierre is known for its annual events and festivals that attract both locals and tourists. The South Dakota State Fair, held in Pierre, is a celebration of agriculture, entertainment, and community spirit. The Capital City Ribfest and the Oahe Days are other popular events that showcase local cuisine, music, and entertainment. Overall, Pierre, South Dakota, offers a blend of political significance, natural beauty, cultural attractions, and lively events, making it a unique and vibrant city in the United States.

List of places to visit in Pierre, SD

1. Visit the South Dakota State Capitol: Take a tour of the state capitol building, explore the beautiful architecture, and learn about the state's history and government.
2. Explore the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center: This museum showcases the history and culture of South Dakota through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays.
3. Outdoor activities at Oahe Dam and Lake Oahe: Enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and camping at Lake Oahe, one of the largest reservoirs in the United States.
4. Take a boat tour on the Missouri River: Experience the scenic beauty of the Missouri River and learn about its importance in the region's history.
5. Visit the South Dakota Discovery Center: This hands-on science center offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for all ages.
6. Explore the Pierre Historic District: Take a stroll through the downtown area to admire the historic buildings, shops, and restaurants.
7. Attend the South Dakota State Fair: If you visit during late August or early September, you can enjoy the annual state fair with live entertainment, agricultural exhibits, carnival rides, and more.
8. Play golf at one of the local courses: Pierre has several golf courses, including the Hillsview Golf Course and the Sutton Bay Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round of golf surrounded by beautiful landscapes.
9. Visit the South Dakota National Guard Museum: Learn about the history and contributions of the South Dakota National Guard through exhibits and displays.
10. Explore the nearby Badlands National Park: While not in Pierre itself, the Badlands National Park is a short drive away and offers stunning landscapes, hiking trails, and opportunities for wildlife viewing.

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