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What to do in Ketchikan, AK

Why Visit Ketchikan, Alaska US

Ketchikan, Alaska, located in the southeastern part of the state, is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich Native American heritage, and thriving fishing industry. Nestled amidst the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States, Ketchikan offers breathtaking views of lush green mountains, cascading waterfalls, and pristine fjords. The town is often referred to as the "Salmon Capital of the World" due to its abundant salmon runs, attracting anglers from around the globe. Ketchikan is also renowned for its vibrant Native American culture, particularly the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian tribes. Visitors can immerse themselves in the indigenous heritage by exploring the Totem Heritage Center, which houses a remarkable collection of intricately carved totem poles. The Saxman Native Village is another popular attraction, where visitors can witness traditional dance performances, learn about ancient customs, and even try their hand at carving a totem pole. In addition to its natural beauty and cultural significance, Ketchikan boasts a thriving fishing industry. The town's economy heavily relies on commercial fishing, with salmon, halibut, and crab being the primary catches. Visitors can experience the thrill of fishing firsthand by embarking on a charter boat tour or joining a guided fishing excursion. Beyond its natural wonders and fishing industry, Ketchikan offers a range of recreational activities and attractions. The town is home to the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, where visitors can learn about the region's diverse ecosystems and wildlife. The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show is a popular entertainment option, showcasing the skills of professional lumberjacks in a thrilling competition. Additionally, Ketchikan's historic Creek Street, a former red-light district turned tourist attraction, offers a glimpse into the town's colorful past with its wooden boardwalks and quaint shops. Overall, Ketchikan, Alaska, is a destination that combines breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a thriving fishing industry, making it a must-visit location for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and adventure seekers alike.

List of places to visit in Ketchikan, AK

1. Visit the Tongass National Forest: Explore the largest national forest in the United States, known for its stunning scenery, hiking trails, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
2. Take a scenic flightseeing tour: Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Misty Fjords National Monument from above, with seaplane or helicopter tours offering stunning views of glaciers, waterfalls, and fjords.
3. Go fishing: Ketchikan is known as the "Salmon Capital of the World," offering excellent fishing opportunities. Join a guided fishing charter to catch salmon, halibut, or other fish species.
4. Explore Creek Street: Visit the historic red-light district turned tourist attraction, featuring colorful wooden buildings built on stilts along Ketchikan Creek. Browse shops, galleries, and learn about the area's history.
5. Visit the Totem Heritage Center: Learn about the rich Native American culture and artistry of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian tribes through a collection of intricately carved totem poles and artifacts.
6. Take a wildlife tour: Join a boat tour to spot wildlife such as whales, seals, sea lions, eagles, and bears in their natural habitat.
7. Visit the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center: Learn about the region's natural and cultural history through interactive exhibits, films, and displays.
8. Explore the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary: Take a guided nature walk through a protected rainforest, learning about the local flora, fauna, and the area's Native American heritage.
9. Visit the Saxman Native Village: Experience Native Alaskan culture through traditional dance performances, totem pole carving demonstrations, and exploring the village's art galleries.
10. Take a scenic hike: Explore the numerous hiking trails around Ketchikan, such as the Deer Mountain Trail or the Rainbird Trail, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and waterways.

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