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What to do in Jeddah, 02

Why Visit Jeddah, Mecca SA

Jeddah, located in the western region of Saudi Arabia, is a vibrant and bustling city that serves as the gateway to the holy city of Mecca. Known for its rich history, Jeddah is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, attracting pilgrims, tourists, and expatriates from around the world. One of the main attractions of Jeddah is its stunning coastline along the Red Sea. The city boasts beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and a vibrant waterfront promenade known as the Corniche. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, indulge in delicious seafood, or simply relax and take in the breathtaking views of the sea. Jeddah is also renowned for its historic district, known as Al-Balad. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a treasure trove of traditional architecture, narrow alleys, and ancient buildings. The district is home to numerous souks (markets) where visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, haggle for unique handicrafts, spices, and traditional clothing. Furthermore, Jeddah is famous for its modern landmarks, including the iconic King Fahd Fountain, which is one of the tallest fountains in the world. The city is also home to the King Abdulaziz International Airport, serving as a major transportation hub for those traveling to Mecca and other destinations in Saudi Arabia. Lastly, Jeddah is deeply rooted in Islamic history and culture, as it is the gateway to the holy city of Mecca. Millions of Muslims from around the world visit Mecca each year to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, and Jeddah serves as the main entry point for these pilgrims. The city is equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the massive influx of visitors during the Hajj season. In conclusion, Jeddah is known for its stunning coastline, historic district, modern landmarks, and its role as the gateway to the holy city of Mecca. It offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, making it a captivating destination for both religious and leisure travelers.

List of places to visit in Jeddah, 02

1. Visit the Masjid al-Haram: The Masjid al-Haram, also known as the Grand Mosque, is the holiest site in Islam and is located in Mecca. It is a must-visit for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
2. Perform Umrah or Hajj: Mecca is the destination for millions of Muslims who come to perform the Umrah pilgrimage throughout the year, and the Hajj pilgrimage during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah.
3. Explore the Kaaba: The Kaaba is a sacred structure located within the Masjid al-Haram. It is the focal point of the pilgrimage and holds immense religious significance. Visitors can walk around the Kaaba and offer prayers.
4. Visit the Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower: This iconic tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and offers stunning views of the city. It also houses luxury hotels, shopping malls, and a museum.
5. Explore the historical sites: Mecca has a rich history, and there are several historical sites to explore, such as the Quba Mosque, the Cave of Hira, and the Jannat al-Mu'alla cemetery.
6. Shop at the Souk Al Zal: This traditional market offers a wide range of goods, including clothing, jewelry, spices, and traditional Saudi Arabian handicrafts. It is a great place to experience the local culture and shop for souvenirs.
7. Visit the Floating Mosque: The Floating Mosque, officially known as the King Fahd Fountain, is located on the coast of Jeddah. It is a beautiful mosque with a unique design and offers a serene atmosphere for prayer and reflection.
8. Explore the Corniche: The Jeddah Corniche is a waterfront promenade that stretches along the Red Sea coast. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to relax, enjoy the views, and indulge in various recreational activities.
9. Visit the King Abdulaziz Historical Center: This center showcases the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. It includes a museum, a library, and a theater, offering visitors a comprehensive understanding of the country's heritage.
10. Enjoy the local cuisine: Saudi Arabian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and traditional dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to try local specialties such as Kabsa (a spiced rice dish with meat), Shawarma, and Arabian coffee.

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