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What to do in Allentown, PA

Why Visit Allentown, Pennsylvania US

Allentown, Pennsylvania, located in the United States, is known for several notable aspects. Firstly, it is recognized for its rich history and industrial heritage. Allentown played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution, particularly in the steel and manufacturing industries. The city's steel mills and factories were instrumental in driving economic growth and attracting a diverse population. Additionally, Allentown is renowned for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. The city is home to numerous theaters, art galleries, and museums, including the Allentown Art Museum and the Civic Theatre of Allentown. These institutions offer a wide range of artistic performances, exhibitions, and educational programs, contributing to the city's cultural vitality. Furthermore, Allentown is famous for its annual Great Allentown Fair, one of the oldest and largest agricultural fairs in the United States. This event, held since 1852, showcases the region's agricultural heritage, featuring livestock shows, agricultural exhibits, amusement rides, and live entertainment. The fair attracts visitors from all over the country, making it a significant cultural and economic event for the city. Lastly, Allentown is known for its diverse and vibrant community. The city embraces various ethnicities, cultures, and traditions, resulting in a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. This diversity is reflected in the city's culinary scene, with a wide array of international cuisines available throughout Allentown. Overall, Allentown, Pennsylvania, is known for its industrial history, thriving arts and cultural scene, the Great Allentown Fair, and its diverse community. These aspects contribute to the city's unique identity and make it an appealing destination for residents and visitors alike.

List of places to visit in Allentown, PA

1. Visit the Allentown Art Museum: Explore a diverse collection of artworks, including American and European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.
2. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: Enjoy thrilling rides, water slides, and live entertainment at this amusement park.
3. Lehigh Valley Zoo: Get up close with various animals, including giraffes, zebras, penguins, and reptiles.
4. Coca-Cola Park: Catch a baseball game and cheer for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.
5. Allentown Farmers Market: Browse through a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, baked goods, and specialty items.
6. America on Wheels Museum: Discover the history of transportation in America through exhibits featuring classic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.
7. Allentown Symphony Orchestra: Attend a performance by the city's renowned symphony orchestra, showcasing classical and contemporary music.
8. Allentown Rose Gardens: Take a leisurely stroll through beautiful gardens featuring over
1,200 rose bushes and other floral displays.
9. Allentown Brew Works: Sample craft beers and enjoy delicious food at this popular brewery and restaurant.
10. Da Vinci Science Center: Engage in interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

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