202F Difference In Global Temperature September 11 To 17 2023

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Hottest Temps Last Week:

49C | 119F at Basra, BA, Iraq
44C | 112F at Riyadh, 01, Saudi Arabia
42C | 108F at Death Valley, CA, United States
40C | 105F at Terlingua, TX, United States
40C | 104F at Baghdad, BG, Iraq
40C | 104F at Dubai, DU, United Arab Emirates
40C | 104F at Chandler, AZ, United States
40C | 104F at Maricopa, AZ, United States
39C | 103F at Khartoum, KH, Sudan
39C | 102F at Niamey, 8, Niger
39C | 102F at Asuncion, ASU, Paraguay
38C | 100F at San Felipe, BCN, Mexico
38C | 100F at Paniapara, ME, Nepal
38C | 100F at Dakar, DK, Senegal
35C | 95F at Da Nang, DN, Vietnam

COLDEST Temps Last Week:

-64C | -83F at Amundsen-Scott South, 00, Antarctica
-57C | -71F at Concordia Station, 00, Antarctica

Temperatures around the Earth can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as geography, climate, time of day, and season.

At any given moment, temperatures can vary by hundreds of degrees Celsius between the hottest and coldest places on Earth. The coldest place on Earth is Antarctica, where temperatures can drop as low as -90°C (-130°F) in the winter. In contrast, the hottest place on Earth is the Lut Desert in Iran, where temperatures have reached up to 71°C (160°F) in the summer.

Additionally, temperature differences can also be observed between regions with different climate zones. For example, the temperature difference between the equator and the poles can be quite significant, with temperatures in tropical regions typically staying warm year-round while polar regions experience extreme cold during the winter months.

Overall, the temperature differences around the Earth can be quite large and vary depending on a wide range of factors.
Earth’s weather and temperature is constantly changing. Our website stores the warmest and coolest global temperatures every hour. Those locations that make it into the hottest and coldest in the last seven days are displayed on this page. The temperatures are sorted from hottest to coldest.