162F Difference In Temperature Estremes On Earth January 8 To 14 2024

The environment on Earth has staggering temperature extremes!

The high last week was 106F in Australia while the lowest temp was found at Yakutsk Russia at minus 56F. Yikes!!

Notice the difference from the hottest temperature at the top of the list – to the coldest temperature at the bottom! The temperature spread on our planet is amazing! These are the hottest and coldest locations in the past 7 days.

Hottest Temperatures Last Week:

41C | 106F at Perth, WA, Australia
40C | 104F at Alice Springs, NT, Australia
40C | 104F at Asuncion, ASU, Paraguay
38C | 101F at Windhoek, KH, Namibia
37C | 99F at Bamako, BKO, Mali
36C | 97F at Bangui, BGF, Central African Repubilc
36C | 97F at Mérida, YUC, Mexico
36C | 97F at Abuja, FC, Nigeria
35C | 96F at Mumbai, MH, India
35C | 95F at Bangkok, 10, Thailand
35C | 95F at Tapachula de Córdova, CHP, Mexico
34C | 93F at Lagos, LA, Nigeria
34C | 93F at Managua, MN, Nicaragua
33C | 92F at Jeddah, 02, Saudi Arabia
33C | 91F at Mogadishu, BN, Somalia

COLDEST Temperatures Last Week:

-49C | -56F at Yakutsk, SA, Russia
-45C | -49F at Fort Nelson, BC, Canada
-44C | -47F at Dawson, YT, Canada
-44C | -47F at Fort Yukon, AK, United States
-43C | -46F at Chyerskiy, SA, Russia
-43C | -45F at Edmonton, AB, Canada
-42C | -44F at Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

The present tilt of the Earth affects where the sun becomes overhead: The Earth is tilted on its axis, which means that during the Northern Hemisphere summer, the North Pole is tilted towards the Sun. This means that the Northern Hemisphere receives more direct sunlight between March 21 and Sept 21. The opposing time of Sept 22 through March 21 had the sun over the southern hemisphere.